Department of Transportation

Various Savings Initiatives

• Re-negotiate the GovTrip business so we don’t shell out $15 for every travel voucher. • Go back to actual expenses for MIE rather than the outrageous $71 in Chicago that goes directly into most people’s pockets. • Eliminate the Resource Center, instead put all these people under HQ with ADLs • Eliminate the Metro Satellite offices like Chicago, Philly, NY, etc. With all the teleworking, not sure these are entirely beneficial with high cost pay differentials and high rent districts • Shop around for flights better and utilize non-refundable more – we’d come out way ahead. • Don’t even have an award’s budget. Our salaries are big enough for what we do. Awards budgets just limit the number of employees who get a good rating at the end-of-year, even though it may be possible that all or most deserve good ratings – Just “atta boys” and pats on back should be good enough. • Bring back office computer support and get rid of help desk – that has to cost a lot. • Move HQ to Kansas City • Get rid of STPDG – I can’t believe that does anybody any good for that short of time • Get rid of those 2-3 month rotational assignments – very expensive and nobody can learn anything useful in that short amount of time – they have to be just “ticket punches” to move onward and upward – It’d be much better to bring a replacement person in a month or two before the old guy leaves, so he can learn his ropes directly instead of coming in later and floundering for a couple of months. • Keep GOVs longer than 60,000 -70,000 miles – and force employees to take better care of the cars • PDP program has to be ripe for cost cutting, but not really sure how



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