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Vanpool subsidy

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Currently we subsidize employees who vanpool. I understand the philosophy of less congestion on the freeway, but the fact remains that these employees will vanpool regardless if the government subsidizes them or not. Think of it like going to the dentist, the government doesn't pay for dental insurance, but we will pay for cavities, crowns and other mouth related issues because it needs to happen.

Not only is money wasted on transportation coordinators throughout the country, but a plethora of production hours are wasted each and every month, while these vanpoolers submit paperwork and receipts for the plan. Additionally, I've seen many people drive to work in the van by themselves for overtime and for extra shifts. If the government wasn't paying for their costs, then they would have driven their more fuel efficient car to work instead of using the large van for extra shifts. The vanpool subsidy program encourages people to buy bigger houses further away from their families. So in the end, the government loses with loss of production, tired/sleepy employees and millions of dollars of wasted money to fund the programs, and the employees lose because of wasted time commuting to and from work.

A plan MUST be in place to slash the subsidy by 50% in 2011, 75% in 2012, and by the end of calendar year 2012 the program should be abolished.

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