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The government could save a substantial amount of money by investing in information systems that promote the use of voice over IP and web conferencing. This would drastically cut the phone bill and also open up the door for other areas of improvement. This same infrastructure could be used for web/video conferencing which would save a bundle on needless travel expenses. In my opinion, travel should be mission critical - If it is not absolutely necessary to be face-to-face, and in person, then we shouldn't be doing it. Technology is making vast improvements in this area, and having a face-to-face Skype call is quite simple and much more intuitive than a phone call.


This same infrastructure and investment could be used for more effective telework policies as well. If the US government mad it mandatory for every teleworker to have a broadband connection, with a webcam, and microphone, we could very easily work from home and have the luxury of face-to-face conversations/meetings. By doing this we could consolidate many buildings and work environments and save even more money.

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