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The portal will have an application accepting "Pre-Need" applications from the public seeking to have burial and memorial (headstone/marker) eligiblity determined in advance of need. This will reduce the grief to families who are asked to "prove their Vet is eligible" at the worst time ever -- when a death has occured. Families hunt around for evidence of military service, rank, honors (medals/commendations), etc. and they are often not in a good position to locate that information. Therefore, even when eligibility can be confirmed often "Medals" and "Ranking" (maybe Vet made addtional rank in the Reserves) are "skipped."


This is not good. As a Vet myself I know that both ranking and medals are often earned by loss not only sweat and tears but also blood. The Veteran themseves would be "turning in the grave" to know that their headstone didn't have this hard earned information on it -- information they maybe very proud of.


The Vet needs to be able to identify their honors, ranking, and even what religion they want to show on their headstone. If they want to put an inscription of their own they should be able to do that too as well as choose all the other information that goes on the stone. Today the Vets are at the mercy of the first Next-of-Kin to respond to their death. They can't even name the religion they perfer. In death they are powerless -- lets give them some of their power back!

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