Department of Veterans Affairs

VBA- Duty To Assist Paper Notifications

The VA-VBA sends notification letters EVERY TIME a claim is received from a Veteran; if the Veteran forgets to add an issues and turns around and sends that issue - VBA sends a letter. Often these letters are 5-10 pages. This notification action is required by Congress. I think a savings (dollars) in Mailings, envelops and letter paper and VSR preparation (LABOR) could be reduced if the VBA sent ONE LETTER in a 12-month timeframe to the Veteran. The Veterans receive these letters so much, they know them to memory. This labor time by the VSR could be redirected toward working (processing) more claims, more file folder shelf space. A request can be made to the Veteran to submit an email address, if an additional VCAA noticification is required by the Veteran for future letters.



Idea No. 14639