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VAMC Reimburses OI & T Development When 6550 Not Followed

VA Directive 6550 requires that IT complete pre assessments on all medical devices that connects to the VA information network and/or contains patient information. Yet, VAMC continuously purchase software void of IT involvement. The expectation is that IT will complete all paper work for any waiver approvals and development on short notice to ‘make it work’ once purchased. IT also often spends countless hours on the phone with the vendor getting clarifications on functionality VAMC believes they should have as part of the purchase but is not included without additional cost. To resolve this waste of resources and Tax payer funds, VA Directive 6550 should be updated to reflect that if VAMC makes purchases without consulting IT and going through the proper channels, the VISN CMO responsible for the VAMC making the purchase must reimburse the VISIN IT Director based on a standard hourly fee for project management, analysis, development, and setup.



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