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The Release of Information method of printing out requested information on paper is time-consuming, expends high costs in paper, printer toner and printer useage costs and parts, (fusers, photoconductor kits, etc.), on leased printers.


My solution to cover all patients, including homeless veterans:


It would much easier to fulfill those records requests on CD or DVD rewritable disks with password protection just as it is being done with the radiology records requests.


The cost would be less than $1 each, and would be more efficient in searching records on the disk, and smaller space required for its storage. A veteran could easily have all of their records in an area smaller than small box rather than an entire filing cabinet.


This would mean also, the veteran could have backups of their information made by themselves and stored in other places or given to their other doctors.


In short, the veterans would be responsible for their own records, and would control where those records were. Paper records are destroyed securely and confidentially at the Medical Center, but not everyone has access to those services outside of the Medical Center.

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