Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Hospital Encounters

While working here at the VA, I am in charge of ensuring that the encounters for Patient billing are entered correctly for my department. Since taking over this task the number of errors being made by the staff in this department has drastically dropped because I created how to guides and done several different educational sessions with clinicians in our department. The VA has a vast problem with these encounters and therefore isn't accurately being able to collect the money it is entitled to from outside insurance companies, unable to collect co-payments from Veterans, lost revuene from untimely entering of encounters by clinical staff, and etc. My proposal is why not revamp the Encounter educational training program or the lack of one and educate our staff so that workload is accurately being document, billing can accurately be done, Patient's charts can be accurately documented, and therefore the VA can receive the correct money it is entitled to and then filter back down to the departments to support it's programs. The VA system is complex for a lot of staff and they have no clue for the most part what options they can chose to accurately document the vast procedures they are doing and therefore aren't being reimbursed for. Overall this would drastically improve the VA's budget and then in turn improve the care we could provide to our nations Veterans as set forth by President Abraham Lincoln, "To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan."

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