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VA Claims-Match C&P Exam Language to Match Rating Schedule

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Veterans attend C&P Examinations at VA Medical Centers to get medical evidence for a determination for disability benefits and payments.


Many times, the C&P Exam language does not match up to the VA Rating Schedule which is used to determine benefit amounts.


If the VA Medical Center had a checklist for the disability which is being examined, the examiner could determine the proper severity for evaluation.


This would provide a more complete disability "picture" for the VA Rating Specialist, this would eliminate subjectivity, and would ensure that the Veteran would not be overpaid or underpaid. The VA Examiner opinion could also be captured on the checklist.


Often times, a Rating Specialist receives the C&P Exam and it is lacking necessary information and has to be deferred. This requires additional cost to both the VAMC and Regional Office.


Often times, a Rating Specialist receives the C&P Exam and it lacks the complete details to provide an accurate percentage. When the percentage is lower, the Veteran refiles which creates more claims and additional costs.


It just makes sense for the VAMC and RO to be on the same page, since these are both looking at the same disability.

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