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Utilizing Navy assets for USCG Patrols

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Currently, a USCG program called the Ledet program augments a USN afloat vessel with a team of USCG Law Enforcement Officers and for all due purposes that USN vessel becomes a CG vessel during the boarding evolutions. This is limited to Law Enforcement only. I propose that this be expanded to allow for Search and Rescue and Maritime Domain Awareness. In my 17 years, I have always observed the Navy and their hundreds of vessels operating up and down the coast, wasting fuel, for the sake of "training." Each day U/W on a large Navy vessel burns thousands of gallons of fuel. Why not place a USCG team onboard for the duration of the patrol and limit their operating area to a specified zone for SAR coverage? They are still getting the at sea training they need, yet have eliminated the resource hours of a CG cutter patrolling the same waters. The USCG cutter fleet is aging as it is, this will prolong the life span of the fleet. So in my mind, we save fuel probably in the 500+ million range, and reduce wear and tear on the USCG's 30 year old platforms.

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