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Utilizing DIBWIZ only for Case Prep

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Currently, we have to run numerous queries when working up cases and scan them into the files including a DIBWIZ. The DIBWIZ query is very informational regarding all aspects of the cases and has most of the required queries all compiled into one master query (the only one that is missing is the certified earnings records which really is not essential because that information is also within DIBWIZ). Therefore, we are using more paper, time and energy from scanning in separate queries when we already have a master query (DIBWIZ) that is already a requireds query that is being scanned into the files. It would save on money, time and energy if only the DIBWIZ was required instead of buying paper to print and scan numerous queries and losing productivity time from all that scanning. In addition, if the Systems department could devise a way to have a button to have the DIBWIZ go directly to the files as they have done with the DEQY and the SEQY, it would avoid scanning in the queries all together which means even less paper usage and productivity that is more efficient.

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