Department of Homeland Security

Utilize social media, eliminate printed waste!

My recommendation for saving the US government money would be eliminate the costs of printing brochures, cards, video DVDs, and informational CDs that are used as promotional items by utilizing social media more. I have seen in my office alone numerous brochures for various programs, ie: IMAGE, E-Verify, Operation Community Shield, and over 10,000 cards referencing Human Trafficking in seven different languages. We attempt to use it all, but how often do this things go in the trash after a presentation or community fair of some sort? Sometimes we cannot even utilize it all before an updated version comes out, therefore creating more waste. If a person is truly interested in finding out more information about these programs, and others, they can find it on an agency’s individual website. When an agent does a presentation or community outreach, they only need to provide a slide in their power-point referencing a website in which a person can go back later and do some research. I would even go so far as to recommend setting up Facebook page for these various programs and a person can simply “LIKE” the program and have access to more information. Since everyone appears to have a cell phone these days, there could even be a text number set up for each program and the person could text in a request for more information during the class or community program as it is being discussed, and the text response could be the link to the website. I am sure that this could be utilized in other DHS agencies and programs, not just ICE.



Idea No. 1351