Department of Health and Human Services

Utilize Computer Systems to Full Potential

Computer systems in use by the government are capable of document management that is not being fully utilized. Systems are being used for a single, narrow-focused purpose that ignores the integrating functions of the system. Instead, files are kept in paper format, in paper folders, that need warehouses and document management personnel to monitor. Instead of using all of these resources, we should use the computer systems already in place to their full potential. Instead of using the server/hard drive space for digital files, then also using physical space, paper, and personnel, we should keep files digitally in the existing computer system, thereby eliminating wasteful doubling of resources. For example, HHS uses PRISM for contract writing. PRISM is capable of creating, storing and maintaining the award, as well as protest information, claims, rejected proposals, vendor reps/certs, FBO synopses etc. However, HHS does not utilize PRISM past its award functions, and therefore keeps paper copies of everything else. By simply using the systems already in plave to their full potential we could save a lot of money across the entire Federal Government.

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