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Using Web Technologies to gain efficiencies

The Government should toward ways to use web technologies to modernize IT, reduce cost, reduce cycle time and increase the agility. We should not just look exclusively inward for the solution. We should look to Industry for best practice to gain efficiencies, save money, and avoid cost as Industry does to improve their return on investment. The cascading effect of this best practive would provide greater access to information and at a significant cost savings across the governement. In my opinion, this cost savings can be accomplished through elimination of customized proprietary development, by phasing in of defined open-standards base technologies and by enforcing clear, concise requirements. This best practice, in alignment with policy, could provide seamless interoperability of legacy information systems and cost-effective improvements over time needed to support the DOD Mission and National Strategy. In my opinion, the innovative use of web technologies can equate to better planning via access to more information and knowledge bases, which leads to more informed decision making, and more effective services supporting DOD and our Nations mission with cost savings now and in the future.



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