Department of Commerce

Use the best tool for the job

Too often I see ideas rejected because they did not come from upper management, programs rejected because they were not created by the IT department, training materials rejected because they were not developed by the training staff, etc. There is a significant amount of time and money being lost in duplicating effort, usually resulting in a worse product. Both productivity and morale suffer when people are not able to think creatively.


There should be less focus on who created the product and more focus on using the best product available. The simplest way to implement this would be to have the people using the product decide. In the case of a program, let the users have say in what features they will find most helpful/efficient; for training materials, ask the trainees which they find to be easiest to understand.


In a perfect world, the person who created the product and the department typically responsible for that product would be encouraged (by managers) to work together to get the best of both worlds.



Idea No. 12304