Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Use of digital tablets in meetings to save paper

We should take advantage of technology wherever possible and when cost effective. Assessing the capabilities of digital tablets, whether a 10 or 7 inch model, their use could benefit the federal workforce as substitutes for paper documents in meetings, small conference sessions and group discussions, where copies of presentations or discussion documents are handed out, or required to be brought to the meeting. I believe there would be great savings in paper use if documents which are produced electronically are either downloaded to tablets or digital pads and carried by the participant in that format to meetings. In some cases where non-sensitive matters can be discussed the tablet’s Wi Fi capability can be used to access non-document databases and online documents. If cost of tablet per employee is a factor, an office could be allotted a certain number of tablets for use by that office’s staff when a meeting is required. This would be similar to the use of an office laptop for government travel. In fact in some cases of offsite meetings the tablet could take the place of a laptop and certainly a briefcase full of documents or handouts.



Idea No. 11712