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Use government lodging during TDYs

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Let's increase usage of lodging at government installations during TDYs and reduce money spent at commercial hotels. Recommend travel regulations be changed to require federal employees selected for temporary duty (and during permanent change of station transfers) to attempt to use government owned/controlled lodging when the business event (conference, training, etc) isn't hosted at a hotel, government lodging isn't more than 30 miles distant from the business event, individual or group integrity, safety or the mission won’t be compromised, and rental of a vehicle is authorized and available. US government lodging, when available, costs <$40 a night vs often >$100 a night at a commercially run hotel. The savings from the hotel can pay for the vehicle rental and more. Also, people's safety/security will be improved on base/post and the funds spent on government lodging will be used for their operating budget. Let's use what is already available (paid for with taxpayer money) and costs less!

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