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Use existing internet technology for all communications

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Innovative internet technology exists that with minimal expense could revolutionize all communications within and between agencies and, indeed, throughout the United States Government. By the simple addition of inexpensive webcams to all government computers and the installation of one of the many easy to use internet communications platforms now available, such as, Skype, Aim or Eyejot, every government employee would have the ability to click a username from a contacts list, click call, and immediately have the called persons computer monitor ring like a telephone and display the request for communications. When the called employee clicks answer, a link is established enabling the two employees to see each other on the screen and talk, totally hands free, through the microphones embedded in the computer monitor or contained within the webcam. These modes of communication are totally free to users who establish an account on the internet platforms website, are reliable whether one is talking to a employee across the hall or on the other side of the world. These systems are capable of supporting video conference calls with up to 25 participants and Call forwarding and voicemail are also supported. With applications such as Skype, there are already Iphone and Android apps that would allow the same video communication with individuals traveling or on assignments in the field. These systems can also provide those of us involved in the education and training of personnel to establish a remote classroom with students from anywhere in the country. I propose the conversion of our cumbersome, antiquated, and overly expensive modes of communications with the innovative, user friendly, highly effective, internet based technologies that can provide us with the greatly enhanced communications required to enable us to effectively conduct business in an increasingly sophisticated and technologically dependent world.

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