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Use eREADERS for Email instead of printers, paper and toner

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Use eREADERS for Email instead of printers, paper and tonerThe cost of keeping and maintaining printers to spit out paper documents is a major money sinkhole in the Department. The paper stacks up on your desk, to be eventually filed away (never to be seen again) or shredded, with little long term value other than compost.


Instead, a modern eINK, 3G/4G wireless eREADER can cost as little as 100 bucks and can contain every email message you ever got. The screens on these devices are much larger then an itty bitty blackberry screen, and can keep busy managers who are away from their desk, fully apprised of what's going on in their Outlook Inbox. An eREADER is NOT a laptop, since they can only display information. However, that is exactly what paper does, and you get the extra feature of wireless "printout" from anywhere at anytime, all contained in a flat device with endless email storage. Killing trees to make paper that ends up in landfills is a pitiful way to communicate. The exhorbitant costs of paper, toner, maintenance and all the rest can be easily offset with a petty investment in eREADER technology having an immediate ROI.

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