Department of Homeland Security

Use an open floor plan in Federal offices.

Modern offices are minimalist, dynamic, and lively – it is time for the Government to keep pace, and let its employees enjoy the same benefits. Tall cubicle walls are costly and inefficient. Large cubicles with tall dividing walls discourage collaboration, encourage personal distractions, are unwelcoming, and are costly. Several cutting edge private firms, such as Google and Living Social, employ open floor plans in their offices. The result is a more pleasant work environment, and less money spent on buildout and office furniture. Those companies are also able to attract the best and the brightest, who find their office environments to be less oppressive and more inspiring than traditional cubicle configurations. Additionally, an open floor plan takes less time to configure, saving the government time, and is easily reconfigured for ever-changing office requirements.



Idea No. 2532