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Use Skype instead of Expensive Audio/Visual Equipment

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Often times the government attempts to reinvent the wheel in order to save money, but still ends up as a large price tag once committed. The use of Skype in leui of Video and Tele conference calls would save the government millions each year. The cost comparison is very simple, especially for the current setups that include items such as a projector or a television. A Webcam and a monitor would replace most instances and allow individuals to conference call in from their desk where they can more readily access documents anyways. Also, in most cases, telecommunication spending can be saved if someone's blackberry was taken away and replaced with a headset with a microphone for a FREE Skype call. In terms of meetings, they could instantly be revolutionized with Skype with the simple option of typing out messages while users are on the call. No longer would the time be required of an extra individual to attend a meeting just to keep meeting minutes. Everything could be transcripted into the chat function of Skype and everyone will instantly be able to refer back to an item that was discussed with ease.


Skype is a very solid and dependable program used by private industry all the time for all sorts of communication needs. It would be about time that the government stepped up to an innovation such as Skype to show the public how innovation is a money saving instead of layoffs, cut-backs, and pay freezes.

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