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Use Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for IT Cost Savings

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The idea is to use an open standard Enterprise Service Bus that integrates the functionality of a service oriented architecture (SOA), which can create a more agile and effective enterprise solution, to significantly reduce cost, provide a more flexible and adaptable environment, and resolve current interoperability issues that hinder the use of web technologies.This solution will: 1. Reduce cycle time of IT acquisition 2. Improve agility of the DOD, 3. Improve effectiveness via access to information, and 4. Reduce cost overruns in IT acqusition. An open standards enterprise service bus will enable the effective and efficient use of web technology, Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, and Cyber security Solutions integrated with legacy systems and information. This solution will help to solve the outstanding issues with the legacy networks to the benefit of the DOD and allow for the flexibility to integrate future networks/systems and cybersecurity with minimal cost and effort based on industry standards. The objective would be a comprehensive solution to the problem of using web technology, availability and integration complexity, which can only be met by solving the underlying issues causing such problems to manifest. Moreover, in recognition of the fact that the underlying issues which negatively impact the targeted services, specifically, DoD web technologies, applications and services environments are, in fact, common to all networked services. Additionally, targeted services need to operate in a shared Information technology (IT) transit infrastructure, and therefore, any comprehensive solution capable of functioning in a production environment must resolve these issues in the presence of other non-targeted (i.e. “interference”) or legacy services. The value of this approach is that it provides a reusable standard based platform for rapid development and integration of disposable applications & services from now and into the future, equates to Billions in cost avoidance.

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