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Use Scanners - Don't mail case files - Email PDF Files

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I am a revenue agent who upon completion of a case, print all necessary documents to assemble into a hard file and then mail it to my manager who then mails it to the next appropriate place for storage. Hard copy case files are created for LB&I cases and SBSE cases. These files can be quite large and will take up a lot of space to store and be expensive to mail. Let's take a baby step into becoming more paperless. Once a case is completed instead of actually sending a hard copy, walk into the copy room and scan your entire case to a pdf file. This would then be emailed to your manager who would forward it to the next appropriate place - storage, appeals, etc. Everyone in the goverment should have access to Adobe and be able to read pdf files. This would cut down on the cost of storage, mailing, etc. Imagine the costs to store every audit file that all of the revenue agents create - salaries, benefits, rent, utilities, equipment, etc. Storage costs would decrease by at least 95%. The hard file would be shredded by the agent once the case reached a closed status.


The next step would to be teaching employees to create electronic files to begin with and not actually printing all workpapers. These electronic files could then be combined into one pdf file which then saves printing costs.


This idea will save time and decrease audit time which managment would love. It saves money on postage, office supplies, salaries, storage costs, etc. And the best thing is, we ALREADY have the equipment and programs in place so there is little to no cost or delay in starting to implement this policy.

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