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Use RFID Chips in All ATB Passes to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

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In order to drastically reduce the amount of carbon emissions from vehicles waiting to enter our national parks and other federal fee areas, we should incorporate radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips into all of the passes in the America the Beautiful pass series. Actually, this idea would provide many benefits: enhanced visitor experience due to quicker entrance; more accurate collection of statistics; improved safety through the prevention of traffic jams; the ability to collect statistics when fee collectors are absent from fee collection points; the possibility of reducing the number of fee collectors required to work at collection points; and, once again, a huge reduction in the carbon footprint (greenhouse gases) created by visitors who are sitting in lines idling their cars while they wait for visitors in front of them to dig out their IDs to show with their passes. Furthermore, done correctly, the annual passes could be designed so that they could be renewed rather than being discarded; and, this would help us to eliminate the disposal of millions of plastic cards each year. This technology is already being used effectively in the enhanced driver licenses in a number of states, and I also believe it is being used in the new passports; so, if the technology is good enough to be trusted to protect the borders of our country, I believe it would also be very effective in safeguarding and documenting the use of our federal fee lands.

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