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Department of Veterans Affairs

Urgent CT scan Vista display board

During a normal work day radiology request are flying off the printer to be done urgently or to be scheduled. If the ER or inpatient request needs to be done right away for CT scan, a lot of times it may be overlooked. The provider who placed the order must contact CT scan to get the scan done right away. For some reason we cannot split up the urgent scans from the routine scans to different printers. Also the idea was suggested to have a display board with any urgent cases that need to be addressed right away for the CT technologist to see. This again we were told cannot be done. I am trying to decrease work on the doctors, so they can tend to their patients while also reducing patient wait times and therefore decreasing the cost of having the patient in the hospital. If we could get a display board that just displayed the urgent CT scans we could provide quicker service to our veterans as they deserve. This could also reduce the amount of paper used during a given work day. Please help!



Idea No. 14391