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Upgrade the scheduling package for CPRS

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Working in an Rehab clinic there are several patients that need to be scheduled for their therapies during a work day. With the current scheduling package a Scheduler can only look at one Provider's schedule at a time. A Scheduler may need to go through several Provider's schedules to find a time slot that works well for the patient. This takes time while the patient is waiting. (For example, if a patient requests a 10:00 am appointment time. The scheduler needs to go through each Provider's schedule until they can find one appointment available with a 10:00 am time slot. This means if you have 13 Providers you will not know if a 10:00 am time slot is open unless you go through each and every Provider's schedule till you find one. It takes a Scheduler 8 steps or (clicks) on the computer to look at one Provider's schedule. If a Scheduler has to go through all 13 Providers that equals 104 steps on the computer just to schedule 1 patient.) The current scheduling package also causes an imbalance in Providers schedules. On a given day, 1 Provider may have 10 patients scheduled and another Provider may only have 3 patients scheduled. This imbalance occurs because of the multiple step process it takes to schedule a patient.


There are now scheduling programs available that allow a person to view multiple Providers schedules at one time. You can also move scheduled appointments around more easily. A new program will decrease the time it takes to schedule a veteran for services and allow government employees to work more efficiently.

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