Department of Homeland Security

Upgrade & Utilize Laptops w/Docking Station–Eliminate Desktops

It is common practice to issue laptops and desktops to designated individuals, doubling the burden on OIT support staff (Both Help Desk, DSM) as well as Asset Management and the user to keep all the hardware/software current with system updates. Note: To maintain COOP readiness all computers must be up to date and ready for service with minimal intervention.

Beyond support there is a direct cost associated with having two sets of hardware assigned to one individual to accomplish the same task. It is common practice in the private sector to only assign high end laptops to designated individuals to accommodate all of their computing needs. Combined with a docking station at their duty stations (desks) there is no need for desktop computers. Docking Stations can be used with existing keyboards and supplement existing monitors. High end laptops can accommodate as much as or in some cases even more than the standard issue desktops (Optiplex 760-780) in regards to capabilities, and they can be as secure as desktops. There can also be redundant costs with duplicate software licensing.


There are indirect costs associated with having two sets of hardware; for example: It is not uncommon to walk in to an office and see a laptop and desktop plugged in, both consuming power, while only one is being utilized, which is contradictive to green initiatives. Typically laptops are designed with power and efficiency in mind so they are built with components that use less power in comparison with desktops.


Inefficiency of use for users having to re-acclimate themselves with different computers also exists as an indirect cost.


Re-Cap of Advantages:



Reduction in Support Costs / Staffing Burden – Elimination of Redundant Costs

Increased COOP Readiness – Supportive of Telework Initiatives

Reduced Power Consumption – Green Compliance

Consistent familiarity with IT equipment used to support operations – Efficiency Built In

Instant Dual Monitor Capability – Increased Efficiency

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