Department of Homeland Security

Unproductive employees occupying valuable positions.

There are too many employees in the federal government that are not getting the job done! A new people strategy needs to be implemented in the federal government to encourage hard work. What ever happened to 'working hard and doing your best, or else you'll be replaced'? Do we want to be a competitive country? Why do we continue to tolerate mediocrity?


I propose the following strategy, with the goal of placing the responsibility of job performance on the employee while enabling transparency to our citizens. Every employee must log their hours incrementally to each job/project they work on throughout the day. For example, If you worked on 2 projects equally throughout the day, then log 4 hours to each project. Project Managers will have to provide expectations to employees assigned to their project in hourly format. At the end of the performance period, each employee would be able to demonstrate how their time was spent, which could be aggregated and presented at agency or department-wide level to promote transparency. Additionally, the employee would have have to meet or exceed the expectations of their project managers in order to display acceptable performance. Inadequate employees would be exposed and the hard working employees will surface. Employees of like job descriptions / series should be annually rated against one another. Let's promote a bit of competitiveness in our federal employees.


Top performances are usually delivered while in competition, because competitors help push each other to achieve their best. Let's change our outdated ways and improve our workforce so that everyone can attempt to achieve their personal best!

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