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Unnecessary Toner and Paper usage

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In DHS/ICE we have an online training program called "Virtual University." The concept is sound and having online training saves the govt. money. However, at the end of each training course, we employees are directed to print out a hard copy of the certificate of completion. This is counterintuitive. The whole course is online, the certificate can be viewed online. Upper management is able to access the training database to verify if an employee has completed the required training. As an ICE employee, I take 10 to 15 online courses a year. Multiply that by the number of ICE employees and you're looking at tens of thousands of certificates. If other govt. agencies are doing the same thing, then the numbers increase exponentially. This is a needless expense that could be eliminated by providing upper management the training to pull the training statistics from the Virtual University and other online training databases.

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