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United Agencies = Cost Savings + Improved National security

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Overall Goal


Instead of different military and Government agencies( Navy, USCG, Army, Air Force ) trying to be self sufficient and wanting to have/own various assets to meet their mission needs, these agencies should work together, share and co-ordinate their resources and assets, so that if not as Individual agencies but when united they are self sufficient.




Various Government agencies own/acquire assets such as ships, helicopters, boats, UAV’s, Operation centers, Real Estate …etc that most of the time sit Idle or are not used to their full capacity/potential.




1) Most of these Assets cost millions and billions, but some of which are not being utilized to their full potential. If these agencies could identify those specific resources and share the cost with other agencies to maintain and own these assets, then Tax Payers/Agencies/Federal Govt will not only save millions but at the same time may better be able to meet their needs and missions.


2) For Assets like Operations centers, if agencies such as Navy and CG could share and operate these centers together, they not only increase cost savings on Real Estate, Telecommunications Equipment, Software’s and Applications, but also save critical time when having to communicate with other agencies when in emergencies.


Few other examples would include :


1) Navy, CG and Air Force should share their assets such as helicopters, Operation centers, Military Bases etc.


2) CBP and CG could share resources such as UAV’s, small/ medium boats, helicopters etc…


Overall Benefit:


1) Millions/Billions in cost Savings


2) Time Savings, especially during emergencies


3) Builds stronger relationships among various Agencies and thus leading to stronger and safer America.


4) Better use of Common Resources

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