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Department of Defense

Uniform Issue

The military should stop paying for uniforms.


In the Air Force:

Pilots, space & missile operators (and a few select others) are issued flight suits (FDU). Moreover, they are issued jackets and must purchase new wing/unit/name patches every time they move units.


Airmen not issued flight suits must pay for their own uniforms, and enforcing limited wear policy would not incur any undue hardship on military members.


Though FDUs should ONLY be used when actually on flying/crew duty, they are used for everyday wear, and replaced on the government’s dime. AFI 36-2903 Section 8 states that flight crews should only be wearing them the days they are flying and Space/missiles Airmen should only be worn by members on crew duties.


AFI 36-2903 also allows FDUs previously issued to continue to be worn in non-operational settings where members have one that is still serviceable. This practice leads to personnel needing another uniform re-issue upon returning to operations, as opposed to simply reusing the previously serviceable one. These personnel may purchase ABUs, but as they are only worn on occasion, they can sit in an operator’s closet for years before needing to be replaced. They are relying on the government to pay for their daily wear uniform.


Though uniform issue looks like a small matter, it is still an unnecessary government expenditure, where other Airmen are already purchasing their uniforms.



Idea No. 16713