Department of Defense

Unifed Enterprise Architecture (EA)

I Propose the Military Health System develop a unified framework as a single enterprise management approach that can enable effective organizational transformation. this approach can tailor and EA for all of its disparate systems as a comprehensive approach, based upon best practice. The Benefits of developing an EA based on these best practices, will serve to: 1. Inform decision making, 2. Define architecture based on performance, business, data, service and sound technology approaches, 4. Implement an effective repeatable process, 5. Achieve measurable outcomes and meet business needs. Further this could serve as a model for all DOD agencies in helping both in cost savings and cost avoidance through the use of agreed on technical standards for interoperability for communities of interest, information, data and security. By adopting an Open Standards Architecture strategy the DOD will be able to leverage current technology and industry best practices while shortening cycle time and improving agility. This type of design approach allows for a scalable, dependable, dynamic, and comprehensive foundation that could empower the DOD to meet the defined strategic priorities now and into the future. When fully developed, the unified EA will provide a description of the current performance capabilities and description of the desired performance capabilities and the plan to transition from the current performance capabilities to the desired performance capabilities. It will serve to prioritize and guide investment decisions to ensure that future systems are aligned with business needs and also yield information technology products that work well together, and are not duplicative, nor in conflict with each other. In other words, systems that fit together use common standards, terms, communicate accurately, timely, and effectively with each other, and are able to share information with other systems. “A Unified Framework of the People, by the People, for the People”-

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