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Unemployment and overseas jobs

We are going to support our unemployed workers one way or another. Either we are going to give them good jobs or we are going to give them welfare payments. Most people would prefer to be working.


During the recent economic downturn, millions of American workers have been receiving unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks. It has become soul-crushingly difficult to find a job in America today, and we have developed a whole new class of people that have become totally dependent on the government because they simply cannot find work.


Everywhere you look, government anti-poverty programs are exploding in size.


As 2007 began, there were 26 million Americans on food stamps. Today, there are more than 44 million Americans on food stamps, which is a new all-time record.


We need to curb this spending. While I am grateful to have a job, my childern have all been laid off, but I force them to apply and volunteer, to keep busy. we should limit the amount of jobs going overseas by taxing the incoming products and having companies stay here. Our trade deficit is HUGE and we should take care of our own first.



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