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USAF Finance Apocalypse

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The current systems of the basis of funding our war-fighting machine operators and support is as close to a disaster as it can get due to decisions made solely by management that hasn't a clue how the technicians, auditors, systems and members work. The ultimate goal is to create a system at the lowest cost. This apparently means testing the system on the greater scale is too expensice and can be surpassed. If you ask anyone under the rank of Col or CMSgt how travel and payment processes affect them, the answer is brutal. I am a military and travel pay expert and I know how to batch a financial process that will eliminate most delays in pay, rejects, debts as well as decrease manning. The plan to automate finance with the personnel system will NOT WORK. Once military pay is sent back to bases, you will see the fall of the USAF personnel (other than those stationed at ACC bases that were almost fortunate). An example of this system starts at a departing base. The member can input the date of departure. Based on location, changes in housing allowances will generate in a batch mode. Once the member returns, the arrival date is submitted to the FSO in which can auto-fill required documents based on location and information already provided by DJMS (a system most likely older than me AKA "the matrix"). These forms are then submitted to the member for review and certification for a digital signature with precise instruction for adjustment if required. Once complete, the documentation is uploaded to a system like FMworkflow so that bases aren't printing, submitting, scanning, uploading into local databases - and so that all FMers can see the documentation. This will also eliminate TDYs for inspections as they can pull the processed documents directly from the web cutting down on more travel cost. This idea goes much further into detail with countless possibilities, savings and less waste but there isn't enough room. I just need a computer expert.

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