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Department of Defense

USAF Dining Facility

Get rid of USAF Dining Facilities that lose money every year and require personnel that we pay wages and benefits to and replace them all with private companies that would pay the government to lease their operating spaces as well as utilities. For all members on the meal card, give them Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) and deduct their accounts each time they purchase meals by how much they spend on the meal. Instead of allowing people to eat as much food as they want every month even if they go over what they deduct from their paycheck, they can only use what they are given and if they go over it comes out of their own base salary. Use the model that most state universities use and have caps on what you can spend on each meal and allow for extra money to be spent at the commissary as well.

When I was in college I was on the meal card plan and I could go anywhere on campus to eat and I had a certain amount that I could spend for each meal. I could eat healthy, and I could eat at fast food style places as well. The food quality is better since you could eat at major chain restaurants.This idea would not only save the government money every year it would keep military members who are forced to eat at the Dining Facilities a little more in control of what they eat.



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