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US Government Overspending

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The US Governemnt pays top dollar on everything that they purchase. WHY!? We buy most things in bulk and you would think that we would get it for a cheaper price but we don't. Stop the useless overspending. I am an aircraft mechanic for the DoD and US Air Force Reserves. when we pay $250,000.00 for a winch it's getting a little ridiculous or $70,000.00 for a windshield, or even $5.00 bot a 10 cent bolt. Needless to say we overspend. We buy more than anyone else in the world and that should ENTITLE us to a lower price. Even a reasonalbe price would be 100 times better than we are paying now. If we negotiated our price or even switched to a different manufacturer I think that would give us the competition that we need to receive lower prices on items that we are purchasing. I think that we could save tens to hundreds of millions of dollars by just buying cheaper.

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