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If FEMA can't get rid of NEMIS for a better system, then let's make the system work better for processing disaster claims and producing reports. The system was set up back in the 70's and times and processes have changed and the system is not working for us! When a sequence of events happen, NEMIS should be able to send out automatic notifications, complete processes, etc. NEMIS should be able to do more work for us. Perhaps the issue is the individuals making the decisions are not communicating what the needs are for the end users.


I am a knowledgeable caseworker and very computer friendly. My superiors always push for productivity. It's hard to produce when the system you use is antiquated and very slow although I usually meet my expectations. Perhaps a task force could be established with top caseworkers and managers to enhance the system. We are required to fill out information in the system that wastes time for information to be filled in on the computer that isn't even used.


We need someone to determine what information we want from the system and set up the system to produce this information along with following the updated poicies and guidelines so that information is presented in the system. Currently, FEMA is disgraced with errors in processing and recoupments because the system does not process correctly using it's automated own business rules that goes against processing procedures/poicies. Letters to applicants are very unprofessional.


If the system were more efficient, this would save a huge amount of time and money and better help our disaster victims faster and allow us to worker smarter not harder.

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