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I am not fully aware of the pay status of congressional office staff; if it is fully voluntary this suggestion may be an immaterial suggestion.

I suggest the "Congressional Family Tree" for each member of Congress (Senate and House) be analyzed. (Not the political re-election staff-which should be volunteer or paid by the Congressperson, not the government) Multitasking is the present and future for private enterprise, and should be for government as well. Each congressperson's office staff should be reduced substantially by limiting the number of paid staff members and increasing the responsibilities of each staff member. Middle management within the staff should be limited to no more than one level. Too many monitors of the monitors of the monitors are a redundant waste of government resources. The responsibility of each Congressperson and their paid office staff should be accomplishing goals they were sent to Washington to address, not stumping for re-election. In addition, this effort should be expanded to all administrative departments and agencies. Duplication of energy from department to department should be analyzed by the GAO annually to continue the "trimming" process.

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