Department of Veterans Affairs

Travel slip for pay (Routing Sheet)

At the VA Hospital here in Phx Arizona each vet is being requested to optain a routing sheet for their travel expenses. This routing sheet is printed through the Vista system which is mearly the check-in sheet sheet for the vets when they chk-in for their medical appointments. Many clinics do not use this sheet at all anymore due to auto check-in proceedures and the providers dont need any paperwork since the (Peg-board, the providers PC tells them that a vet has checked in) no Paper is needs to be printed at all! But the Travel office is still requesting the vets to have this extra peice of paperwork printed off and taken down to the travel office? When travel themselves has access to to confirm if the Vet was seen or not in the system, so why? Why does the vet need to have an extra piece of paperwork, they should just be able to show the travel office the vets ID, and that allone takes care of it. I know this has been done for the group meetings so why cant this be done now for every appointment? Makes no sense to waste so much paper each and every day!!!



Idea No. 7030