Department of the Treasury

Travel Rewards Points

Many Car Rental Co., Hotels and Airlines offer rewards points for using their services. Some even offer double dipping where a traveler can receive additional points in other companies. Example a car rental company may allow double dipping and the traveller receives additional points with a hotel also. Most travellers don't know that many car companies add a fee of $4.50 or more for that service. It is hidden in the bill and unless the Government traveller is aware the code or wording of it the Federal Government is footing the bill for this unauthorized procurrement. Although the Federal Government allows employees to keep the rewards points, the authority does not allow for a charge to the Government. All Federal travellers in all Federal Agencies as well as the Agency travel departments need to be educated to this hidden practice and advised to question the vendor first about charges for these programs before acceptance.Travellers should also be advised that if they want to participate in the double dipping program, they will need to pay the additional cost out of pocket. This will save the Federal Government in unauthorized hidden fees nationwide.



Idea No. 18587