Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Travel Reimbursement Administrative Savings

As a long time federal employee I have done my fair share of travel. As a result I have noticed that administrative costs have kept going up. To reduce these costs I recommend doing away with having to justify Perdiem costs for meals and incidentals (other cost would still need to be listed). All federal employees are authorized a fixed perdiem based upon location. As such why is it necessary to justify meal and hotel costs in the voucher. The employee should be given whatever the perdiem is for meals and hotel as per the location. Therefore once the trip ends there would be no need to add this to the voucher and have a supervisor, reviewer and auditor each independently review it. It would already be known how much the traveler would receive. In the long run this would lower costs by reducing the time those individuals spend reviewing those expenses (which could potentially reduce staff), simplify the process which would reduce adminstrative burden and speed up reimbursement to the traveler. Other costs would still need to be listed (mileage, laundry) unless a fixed cost bases could be applied to those costs as well which therefore could eliminate the need for a voucher at all and increase savings even further by reducing adminstrative travel staff reviewing the vouchers and increase productivity of the federal worker by not haivng to do these adminstrative tasks which take away from the job we were hired to do in the first place.



Idea No. 9389