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Each year there are many so called training conferences. OTUG and ODTUG are a couple. These computer programming and admistrator conferences are held several times each year. I.E.,. Many Service Center Campuses send at least one and sometimes up to 3 developers to these 4-5 day conferences. Some of these conferences start on Saturday and/or Sunday. Travel expenses are paid at premium rates for these trips. As much as $4-$5,000 is paid for each participante that includes the conference fees. Fees are not at premium because the agency does not allow prepayment early enough to qualify for any discounts.


My issue with these conferences after attending a couple is that those that are attending these conferences are not those that in any way shape or form make any decisions on how business is conducted when they return. It is merely a vacation and show.


Although I did learn something at one of them I because utterly frustrated when I could not get my management to recognize they showed IT developers a better and cheaper method of doing business. TOTAL LOSS OF FUNDING FOR THESE TYPE TRIPS UNLESS THE ATTENDEE HAS THE POWER TO ATLEAST SUBMITT THESE IDEAS TO THE POWERS TO BE AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL



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