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Training Redundancy

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When an employee works for a military organization (as a reservist, for example) certain mandatory training is required and is accessed in a specific database (perhaps for that service, such as the Air Force). If that same military employee is also a federal civil servant for another organization, they will have many of the same mandatory training requirements and they will access that identical training requirement in some other data base. Even though the training requirements are identical, completing the training in one organization doesn't count for completing it in another. The end result is that you have to conduct the same training twice! And much of this training is periodic (e.g. annual). So, time is lost doing this same, unnecessary training, and it happens year after year. Further, why does this training reside in separate data bases? It means that different agencies pay to have training CBTs created, when existing CBTs in other agencies are sufficient to satisfy that training requirement. Why not have a training data base for all federal agencies? And if you have a certain training requirement that is required for both agencies (military and some federal agency), then it counts for both.

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