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Set up online training modules/simulations for the classroom so every employee will receive the exact same information every time the subject is taught. If we have a complete virtual world or simulation to train in we can complete all steps of a case or work process from start to finish with hands on learning and not just a checklist of steps. Also, we would eliminate the time trying to locate examples of the work being trained and stop duplicating the work of other departments from sending excess requests for the information used for training. The majority of people learns by the see, hear, do method of instruction with hands on training being the favorite because you learn it by the repetition of doing it or reinforced learning. There are certain types of cases or work requirements that are rare in nature so training is very sporadic for these types of situations. An online training module that will provide a refresher of the steps to complete for the case or work request will eliminate sometimes costly errors and excess time spent on trying to research how to complete the request. Having the training in module format allows employees to learn at their own pace and saves time trying to schedule full training classes. Thus we eliminate the need to make an employee wait for an extended period of time before they start the training to perform their jobs. This would make the employee and workplace more efficient and productive. The cost savings can be extraordinary. A set of 30,000 skillsoft classes cost $30,000 approx. a single outsourced class can cost between $1,000 and $30,000. I know some departments have more of an online training focus than others but if we move every department to an online training focus we will also reap the benefits of cost savings from the reduction of duplication of work and add benefit of additional resources.

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