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Training Materials Cost Savings

I suggest that participant binders be kept by the Training Center and be reused by returning students for a particular class. Savings realized can easily come to over $200,000 a year.


For each student attending training, a 3 ring participant binder is created containing training materials & presentations. After the class concludes, a majority of these binders are left behind and tossed in the trash because students are limited on space in their luggage. Some binders are taken, however, most go on a book shelf never to be referenced again and eventually get tossed because they become irrelevant & outdated.


Instead of binders to take with them, a cd containing the relevelnt information can be burned and given to the student to easily carry and reference later.


The cost of the binders, personnel time to make the binders and the printing of materials (toner & paper) easily come to over $50 a binder. With an average of 35-40 participants per class and an average of over 128 classes per year, the approximate yearly cost of creating binder is $192,000 to $256,000 conservatively.



Idea No. 1099