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Too much management

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If you don't manage at least 8 people then you should not be a manager. I report to my boss who directly supervises 4 people. Her boss directly supervises 3 people. This goes up the chain about 7 levels (each supervising 3-6 people on average). This makes getting higher level approvals very time consuming and flow of information poor. It also provides too much justification for abundant meetings for "managers" at all levels and very few worker bees. With fewer personnel projected to save money, more people will need to be producers to make up for the decreased manpower. I suggest that changing the management structure would provide better flow of information, the ability to absorb work due to personnel resources declining, fewer meetings, quicker approval processes, and a huge cost savings. We are already looking at having fewer personnel. Why not have an implementation tool to actually make it possible without destroying the morale of the workforce.

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