Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Timesheet papercopy

During every pay period, we have to hand-sign a hard copy of our timesheet. This is a waste of paper. When an employee logins into the HRMS system (using a password) and puts in his/her time, he/she abides by the time he/she puts in. When the branch chief/manager reviews and approves it, the branch chief should be able to approve it electronically instead of hand-sign a hardcopy of each employee's timesheet. If the branch chief has question on the timesheet, he can talk to the individual employee about it and make the necessary changes before the final approval process. There is no need to have hardcopies.


There are roughly 4000 employees at the NRC, and there are 26 pay periods per calender year. Each timesheet is on average 2 pages. That is over 200,000 sheets of paper that can be saved each year , not to mention the cabinet storage space necessary to store all these paper.


The NRC is a small agency within the federal government. If all government employees are required to do the same currently, one can only imagine how much paper can be saved from the federal government as a whole on a yearly basis.



Idea No. 216