EXOP - Office of Management and Budget

The Cloud and Gov Software

My idea is for someone (government or not-for-profit) entity to deploy a software program (for free) that can be used universally by any municipality (local, county, state, & federal) for daily government operations (town office, police, fire, public works, etc). This software would use current technologies such as “ishare” and “the cloud”. US citizens would be allowed access to this system by logging into their account (like facebook) and interact with government. The software would allow citizens a central access point to search, review, pay, and modify their information (user privileges). They would be able to see their property, cars, taxes, child school records, etc from one place. Also, with this software, create an app for smart-phone. This would increase user interaction. Later, allow 3rd-party entities using open-source technologies to link their systems to the software to allow users more access to their information in one place. This software, because it’s linked to “the cloud” will also all governments to share each other’s data. A town clerk with correct user privileges can search “the cloud” of other towns looking for information he/she needs. Governments can use this system to search for trends, patterns, etc that could result in saving money and lives. To link all government services together, share data, reduce duplication, increase efficiency, YOU WILL SAVE TAX DOLLARS.



Idea No. 13848