Department of Commerce

Term employees converted to permanent

There should be a way for term people to convert to permanent people based on performance. If a person is fully successful in their position, and the agency wants to hire a permanent person for that position there should be a way to convert the term person. It is extremely inefficient for the government to spend time and resources processing a new job advertisement, holding interviews, processing a new candidate for the position and then training a person if they already have a fully trained and successful person in the position. If the term person is selected as the candidate after the current process, then the government wasted time and money in the advertisement and interview stages. If the term person is fully successful for the position but did not qualify to interview solely because a veteran applied, then government wasted all of the resources and time it used to train the term employee to be an asset to the organization.


If term employees are doing a great job, why should the government let them go when they want a permanent person for the same position? If the term person is not fully successful in their position, then I can understand holding additional interviews. However, the way the current system is set up allows people who have proven themselves to be an asset be let go of.

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