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Telework for TSA Inspectors

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Allowing for Inspectors to Telework will reduce or free up the need for additional office space (and the associated costs). A majority of time spent in the office is for data-entry of inspection reports which can be done from anywhere. Inspectors are equipped with laptops capable of tethering for intra-net access. Allowances for Inspectors to bring home assigned vehicles would have to be made. I have worked on assignments where an Inspector commutes an hour and a half from his residence to his assigned office to pick up his GOV ride and than travel back past his home for another 15 minutes (1.75 hr travel) to conduct an inspection, and than spend another 1.75 hr plus traffic to return the vehicle back to the assigned office. Teleworking would allow for the Inspector to spend more of his/her time in the field conducting security inspections and also eliminate the waste of fuel to travel 3.5 hrs total over .50 if Teleworking..

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